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Coworking Space. 
"The largest coworking chain in Bulgaria"
Private Offices. Coworking. Micro-Ecosystem. Event Center.

Networking Premium is an elegant coworking space. 

A workplace you want to go to. 

Beyond an office - sometimes better than home. 

Surrounded by like-minded people: a community you call Familly.

Final Work 3.jpg

Our spaces have been designed using Feng Shui techniques, with a clear intention to make every spot usable. We have played with light and genuine furniture to make every spot pleasant

This has caused a significant rise in the time our members spend productively in the office, a measurable fact. Generally said - our members prefer spending time in the office over spending it at home.




24hr Access




Parking Lots

Event Hall

Hotel and Coliving

Global Network

You will find coworkers using our spaces 24/7, a fact that makes us proud

We invest in our coworkers to build strong partnerships, friendships, and community

Parking Available at

Networking Rakovska HQ

for Members and their Guests

High-tech conference and event halls

Hotel and accommodation available at Networking Rakovska

1 day/month free access to one of the 400 partner coworking spaces worldwide

happy hour.png



Entertainment Rooms

Musical Rooms

Moving Service

Network Security

Beer and Wine

Frequent Happy Hours, wine tasting, cocktails, and open/closed community events

Entertainment rooms with fully-loaded PS4s with 8 remotes (true multiplayer)

Royal Piano from the 19th century. Signature Guitars and other instruments

Need to move your things from your previous office? We can help!

Tailor-made Network Security with Private Networks, UPS and VLAN options

Members and Guests

receive complimentary local beers and selected wines at every visit 

virtual office.png

Virtual Office

Dog Friendly

Maker Space


Roof-Top Terraces

Receive / Send Mail


On-site shop


Register your company, get an address. Buy Here

Dogs are always welcome, though dogs rules apply

Tools, laser engraver, sewing machine, painting instruments, and colors

Rooftop deck and tanning area at Networking Rakovska HQ and 

Gurko Panorama

We handle your packages with our extended live reception hours 9:00-21:00

24/7 shops for snacks and foods are available at HQ and Gurko panorama locations



6 Locations in Bulgaria

Use up to 1 week a month at a location different than your home base, conference rooms, and out-of-office team buildings.

Rakovska | Gurko (new) | Vitoshka | H. Botev | The Villa | Plovdiv

50+ Cities Globally

London, Berlin, Miami, LA, Dubai, Paris, Sidney, Moscow, Singapore...

Use 1 day (or more*) complimentary while you are on vacation or business trip with our coworking partners worldwide.



Located on the main street just on the corner of the famous and beloved "Kapana" district.

_08_0448 copy.jpg

Our headquarters are located on the famous Rakovski street in Sofia.


A mini-sized coworking located on the pedestrian Vitosha blvd.



Iconic, award-winning renovation:

The historic heritage, house of the Kanazirevi family, got a new life as a stylish coworking space.



Prime Location, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and the National Theatre panoramic view from most of the rooms and the rooftop.



Suitable for team buildings and events for up to 50 people.


50+ Cities Globally, our coworking partners.


Raiko Daskalov 19-21 | Plovdiv


Rakovska | Vitoshka | H. Botev | The Villa | Gurko Panorama

*1 free-roaming day a month is included in every membership of Networking Premium. Additional days might be purchased, location dependent. Some locations include more than one day free. 

For example, our partner in Dubai grants all Networking Premium members 30 days of work at a premium space in the city center of Dubai UAE.

locations details
1 DSC06420.jpg

We are very proud of Pitch2Pitch and couldn't dream of a better way to finish this season.


We are also highly thankful to all the people supporting this initiative.

The great winner of Season 3 of Pitch2Pitch is VODORASLO: Lead by Denis Ivanov who won a 10,000BGN check for media credit from Investor media group, a week trip to Israel from Networking Premium and a check and a trip to Italy from Cleantech accelerator.

CUT main.jpeg

Starting from 79 BGN, the three new membership plans are introduced for our coworkers at Networking Premium Rakovska (4/8/14 days a month.)

Our Events

We have hosted and organized 700+ events and conferences so far, a statistic we are very proud of.


With usually (pre-COVID-19) 45 events every month, it means there is always something happening here.


From the "Nomad Mixer" events to jam sessions on the rooftop to new phone models regional launches. It can be official or laid-back, we've got it all.

With more than 20 unique event spaces we are meeting almost any need.

Check out our upcoming public events on our Facebook page

Friday Night Jam with Daniel Staykov

As Friday approaches, we get the desire to spend a fun evening with great people and a lively tune. So we created the perfect event for the job!  The electrifying Daniel Staykov promises to liven up our beautiful Gurko terrace with a set of fantastic tunes.


Welcome Home

Уелкъм Хoум (Welcome Home) is the meetup dedicated to the ones who have chosen Bulgaria as their new homeland. Whether you are a Bulgarian who's lived abroad and decided to come back, or a foreigner who have recently moved here, you're not alone!

Or join the mailing list (in Footer) 

to get notified about upcoming public events

Featured on:


Emil Shekerdzhiiski, founder of Networking Premium Coworkig leading Startups Panel.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 18.21.34.png

FORBES: In the Network Networking Premium.

"looks more like a luxury home than an office"

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 18.51.28.png

BNT 1: NETWORKING Premium opens "Virtual Offices"

During the COVID-19 pandemic Networking Premium opened its offices to members and clients digitally.

Deutsche Welle: "Italians choosing Bulgaria"

Our community manager Giuseppe Di Benedetto about choosing to move his life to Bulgaria.

STANDART: The House of Kanazirevi gets new life"

Our Iconic building gets publicity.

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