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Networking Premium opens its fifth location in Plovdiv

Heading 6
Translated from original article by Capital published on 6th of March 2020.

The building is a historical-cultural monument and is associated with one of the oldest aristocratic Plovdiv families engaged in trade. Last used as a gallery for modern art, the three-story building will now retain its appearance but transform the spirit.

The reception will be located on the first floor, next to the entrance. The second floor is an open space with large windows on both sides of the building, which will house massive wooden tables for large and small teams.

.Natural vegetation, the typical furniture of the brand, areas for relaxation and business meetings, an event hall, conference halls, a cafe, and many works of art will contribute to the creative atmosphere of the shared office. The third floor consists of private offices and shared gaming rooms, relaxation rooms with musical instruments, books, and entertaining games. The place will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week, like other locations in the chain.

The entrepreneurs behind this project are Emil Shekerdzhiiski - creator of Networking Premium, Ofir Englin - their Israel's partner, and Trifon Mihailov - Bulgarian partner and creator of the popular startup competition #Pitch2Pitch.


Image by newspaper Capital

"We saw that most of our members spend their weekends in Plovdiv," said Emil Shekerdzhiiski. "We want to create a new space that combines the casual bohemian life and way of working of the local people and the strict work culture adopted in Israel so that great results can be achieved. In addition, we work and will work with the industrial zone in Plovdiv, such as the creation of an innovative hub. The space will host a series of lectures given by local industry leaders and will be given a place to display their innovative products and projects."

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