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Coworking space: 7 new spaces in Sofia 

Translated from original article by goguite published on 13th of September 2019

Networking Premium Rakovski 

25 Rakovski Street
0886 331 381

The futuristic vertical world of Ballard's novel "Skyscraper" is not so futuristic… The shared workspaces are constantly expanding and now they change the world of entrepreneurs and freelancers. Coworking, coliving, coparty or a higher form of sharing work, everyday life and entertainment at the same time. Networking Premium is the first and so far the only chain in Bulgaria, offering a shared way of life in the true sense of the word. Here they believe that when a person is inspired, he should invest his time and energy only in his creation. That is why they provide us with a creative atmosphere, organizing various events for the development of a good business. We can choose between 4 locations for work in Bulgaria and one in Tel Aviv. Oh, and last but not least - the villa with pool and a huge outdoor screen just 20 minutes from Sofia…

racovki 25.jpeg

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Networking Premium Botev

82 Hristo Botev Blvd.
0886 331 381

Built back in 1912, Kanazir's house was renovated last year. The advantage of Networking Premium is that we forget about the boring corporate office and place your business in a huge living room with a fireplace or a 200-year-old grand piano. Here they also think about your healthy lifestyle. We feed our imagination with homemade Bulgarian delicacies and dishes prepared on-site by professionals.

botev np.jpeg

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Networking Premium Vitosha

63 Vitosha Blvd.
0886 331 381

Located in the pedestrian part of the boulevard, the space is close to three subway lines and overlooking Vitosha Mountain. There are great blend coffee, tea, beer, and boutique wine consume for free in all locations. You can also use electric scooters. Did you know that in 5 years you will have access to over 20 locations from the Networking Premium around the world?

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vitosha nw p.jpeg

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Missia 23

23 Mizia Street
0894 630 324

Welcome to the first createch hub in Sofia - a shared space where people and companies from the creative industries sector exchange experiences and find support in their endeavor. In Missia23, apart from working, we also stop by because of the interesting events in the event halls. And our favorite reason to come is that in addition to coffee and tea, the beer next to the laptop is also welcoming.


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The Cooffice

Sofia Ring Mall, Notosgalleries
0879 331 447

We are sure of one thing: there is nothing to change in the combination of coffee, coworking & cool people. This is the motto of the lovely The Cooffice. The cozy cafeteria in Ring Mall offers full office functionality to working people who want to share the pleasure of a successful day. Extras include free parking, high-quality Nespresso, and beautiful details. The Cooffice is waiting for you!

the Cooffice.jpeg

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This Way

2 Ivan Abadjiev Street
office A, floor 4
Tsarigradsko Shosse
02 9 264 264

Coworking. Seriously. Here is the motto of the new brand for shared workspace This way. The idea for it started after 15 years of experience in the industry and working with multinational companies, leaders in various sectors. In this way strives to offer diverse and flexible office solutions, shared spaces for meetings, networking, and events according to customer requirements. There have coworking open spaces, private offices for 1-12 people, managed offices (open plan) with a capacity of up to 100+ jobs! Аnother advantages are the shared spaces, consisting of event rooms, networking, and collaboration, Café Lounge, library, meeting rooms, and many other extras. Regardless of how we recognize your business - as a corporation, startup, freelance, or another area of ​​entrepreneurship, here awaits you not just office space, but a wonderful environment that will inspire you and cultivate your success.

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32 Yanko Sakazov Street
0887 098 009

Flexibility sets it apart from most Coworking places. Here you are not bound by contracts, but you pay for the time spent. But how is an anti-coffee different from a coffee? Calmness, better internet, and special areas where you can have a meeting or video call without being distracted by background noise. Paying for an hour, you consume an unlimited amount of drinks, fruits, and other tasty things!


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