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We have taken measures!

Your safety and our guests' safety are our number one priority


We are strictly following the regulations set by the Ministry of Health regarding the current COVID-19 situation.


We would like to announce that we continue our normal operations with all the necessary strict measures we have been taking regularly.

In Details: 


All areas are cleaned and disinfected at a higher frequency.


The common work areas were rearranged to maintain the mandatory distance between people as per the new regulations


We have overloaded the space with disinfectants and masks is available for our visitors

We have been operating the ventilation system at maximum capacity to ensure the flow of fresh clean air into all spaces.



Телефон: +359886331381
Рецепция: +35924915114


Работно време:

Отворено по 24 часа за членове.


Частни офиси в София

Споделено пространство в София

Team Desks в София



София централна локация: ул."Г.С.Раковски" 25, София, България

бул."Христо Ботев" 82, София, България

бул."Витоша" 63 (етаж 7), София, България

ул. "Райко Даскалов" 19-21, Пловдив, България

HQ в Тел-Авив: Menahem Begin 20, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

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