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Coworking Space in Kanazirev's house


The whole story begins when the Kanazirev brothers, co-founders of the chemical industry in Sofia and Burgas, buy a magnificent house at H.Botev blvd 82, initially built in 1912 for Pencho Dimitrov. The brothers were one of the biggest contributors for Bulgarian education, donating more that 300K BGN for creating a private school at their home town, Razlog. Today that same school carries their name as a sign of gratitude and respect.


During the years the house has gone through a lot and before the renovation in ruins and almost crumbling. Being taken over the amazing architectural jewel, we restored the building by its initial glory as we were inspired by the renaissance look and homey feeling of the place.


The only difference is that it’s no longer a house, but instead shared offices, a coworking per se. What is actually a coworking?

For us, coworking is far more than just shared offices. For us, Networking is a community shared space, where different people from different industries and backgrounds come to work and exchange ideas and experiences.

This is our third coworking space in Sofia, with the hopes of it not being our last, as our goal is to create and innovate. Our idea is to support startups, freelancers, innovators and businesses of all kinds. It’s why we think the ambiance is so important, it helps you develop yourself and your business.


This is the place where ideas flow and people thrive. Together.

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