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"For us, the creative atmosphere is very important - we get to work in a productive ambiance and every day we meet new people, we love the community."

Lubomir Georgiev

Co-Founder of Delinx

How to initiate your business plan

Delinx is a software development and outsourcing company started by two colleagues Dimitar Petrov and Lubomir Georgiev. 

You know what they say - "Friends that program together, stay together!"


"Things between us (the team) went very naturally. It was almost like the cosmos wanted us to get together and create this product."

Nikolay Mihaylov

Co-Founder of Monety

Money isn't just a kid's game, is it?

Monety is a fintech startup, focused on teaching children aged over 7 years to learn how to operate with money and be conscious about their finances.


"I had to make a decision - to study or not. And I want to study, but I don't want to stay in one place for the next 3 years, I'd go crazy. That's the reason I became a nomad."

Finn Bergmann


From nomad to community manager 

Finn Bergmann is a nomad that found himself in Plovidv in the right place and right time. 

His philosophy is traveling around the world, exploring and delving into new cultures and cuisine. He is also our community manager at Networking Plovdiv.


"I love the atmosphere in the coworking space and the opportunity of meeting new people with different perspectives, professions, and opinions every day."

Dobrinka Boeva

Technical writer

From corporate to a coworking office

A short interview with Dobrinka Boeva, a technical writer for VMWare and part of Networking Premium's community

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Naum have a very sharp engineering skills in material science and chemistry. He also have very good social skills that makes work with him very pleasant and productive.

Naum Berestetsky

CEO & Co-Founder 


Few words about Lynx Innovations |, An Israeli startup developing a biometric verified physical stamp device.

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