We build strong communities, in each and every location and through the entire network. You will notice that our members often do business with each other and even create together new projects. We, believing our community is our strongest asset, conduct an interview with every member candidate, to feel whether they match our community both professionally and personally.
Building a community we are proud of.

Investments and Fundraising

  • 0 (1).png

    Impetus Capital

    Impetus Capital is an independent growth equity provider. The company invests in companies in early and growth stages with strong innovative patterns that create new demand or new business and operational models with superior offerings to their clients with no or limited competition in these markets.

  • Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 13.46.41.png

    Innovation Capital

    Early-stage venture capital fund. Built to support the Bulgarian Startup Ecosystem. One of the leading funds in the area with the biggest number of investments, on yearly basis, and most likely with the biggest effect on our ecosystem.

  • 0 (4).jpeg

    Finance 4 Tech

    Finance 4 Tech supports digital companies in all their financial operations: M&A, fundraising, financing, financial and legal management.

  • Untitled design (8).jpg


    Expertise in the field of financing young companies and startups focused on European funds and governmental capital. It acts as a mid-man in finding investments and also delivers regularly open lectures and meetups about the newly opened funds and general best-known practices in financing by the European Union.

  • 40304143_10217652153396735_1452390379948

    Tihomir Tsanev

    Tihomir is a former Vice President of Finance in Citibank, that has shifted from the corporate offices to entrepreneurship and is currently an angel investor for startups.

  • _Z2A8208.png

    Coworking Accelerator

    Lead by Angel Investor and Startup Advisor Emil Shekerdzhiiski and the serial entrepreneur, Trifon Mihaylov. Networking Premium Accelerator is specialized in go to market and market validation at lower capital risk investments.

  • Logos (2).jpg

    Invest Sofia

    Their mission is to support Sofia to develop as a modern, innovative and green city; an attractive and preferred place to start and grow a business by local and foreign companies.

    They support Sofia in creating, attracting, retaining and inspiring talented professionals – entrepreneurs and researchers – that will help turn the city into a center of innovation for high value-added industries.

Tech & Software

  • 3e4ca782bbb4050d97147b69dc558774.jpg


    An Eastern European provider of software development services with 900+ expert software engineers onboard that power innovative technology businesses. They deliver excellence in software engineering, implement technology transformations, and deep expertise in a range of verticals including finance, healthcare, hospitality, telecom, energy and enterprise content management.

  • Untitled design (1).jpg


    Leading the BitcoinCash community and pushing the local ecosystem to the mass use of Bitcoin cash. The company activities focus on education, events, and spreading physical devices in retail areas. The company is lead by Boyan Kelchev and Dimitar Kaparis.

  • revolut-logo-400.jpg


     A UK financial technology company that offers banking services including a prepaid debit card, fee-free currency exchange, commission free stock trading, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments.

  • Untitled design (2).jpg

    Rinf Tech

    Rinf tech is a Software solution company and also hardware product engineering and producing hardware testing devices. Their main focus is Digital Services, Integration, and Content Engineering. 

  • Delinx Digital.png


    Delinx Digital is a Web Development and Social Media Marketing agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    They are a Digital Agency focused on helping their clients build their digital presence online.

  • 53056f12f845a0d4deaee9a81375ee42.png

    Centric Technologies

    CentricSoft is all about developing excellent software without wasting time on things that don't matter to you. 

    They provide quick delivery cycles to gather your feedback as fast as possible, quickly giving you the up-to-date results.

  • MB+logo.jpg


     A company in the solutions business that simplifies complexity by integrating human- and data-sourced insights, analytical targeting, and rich content in order to create low-friction, high-engagement programs for both direct and indirect selling models.

  • TOP 100 (1).jpg

    TOP 100

     A mobile development company, focused on utility and productivity apps. It has achieved numerous awards such as the top-selling app of the year and its apps have been featured in numerous influential publications.

  • Untitled design (5).png


    iPORT is an insurance marketplace that provides an online customer experience and fully complies with the legislative framework. No more paperwork or delivery services. The documents are signed with a qualified electronic signature and sent to your email.

  • лого умни.JPG

    A Bulgarian startup that is helping businesses automate the communication with their clients, by implementing a software solution called UmniBot (chatbot).

  • 40304143_10217652153396735_1452390379948

    A young startup in the field of AR in porn. It is using the latest augmented reality technology to replace the actors' faces and swap them with almost any other face in real time.

  • 40304143_10217652153396735_1452390379948

    Pilot Creative Limited

    Software development company based in the United Kingdom, operating also in Bulgaria.

  • 0 (3).png

    One-Dot Sofia

    One-Dot is in the field of B2B Brand Communication, E-Commerce Solutions, User-Centered Digital Products, Brand Strategy, Employer & Content Marketing. 

    Some stalk quietly, others throw hand grenades: every customer is different, every project requires a special approach, all of them arrive at their destination. Their projects as inspiration for your trip

  • 40304143_10217652153396735_1452390379948

    Think Lab

    A software development company, creating robust and maintainable web applications and mobile apps built with React Native and cross-platform desktop applications with Electron.

  • хак.JPG

    A blockchain development company, one of the most influential and active in the area. With numerous hackathon wins and awards. It is also the group standing behind the Monthly crypto meetups held in Sofia.

  • Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 2.00.28.png


    An innovative information security startup which offers a solution for document frauds. It has developed a hardware stamp for secure signing of hard copy documents. The stamp is basically an IoT device enhanced with biometric validators.


  • hype software.jpg

    hype software

    hype software provides an innovative solution that automatically summarizes valuable data and analyzes the business, saving time. 

  • imageedit_39_2452486052.png


    Monety's solution will provide educational materials through a web platform, smart cards, printouts, and a mobile app. To practice the money game they will link the app with bank cards, that children and parents can use together.

  • Logos (1).jpg

    Tech Lex

    Tech Lex are legal Services of a new generation, embracing Technology and Innovation. Digital Delivery.
    They are part of the Networking Premium family since 2020 and offer our co-workers preferential
    prices on digital legal services -25%. 

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Accounting & Law

  • Logos.jpg

    Intelex Bulgaria

    Intelex Bulgaria is company registered under Bulgaria law that deals with intelectual property rights and patenting

  • Alfa Imoti.png


    ALFA IMOTI is a company registered in Bulgaria that deals with investment, construction, rental property, buildings and facilities, indoor and outdoor-activity, business, etc.

  • elsa.png


    ELSA is one of our guest members. They are the European Law Students’ Association, an international, independent, non-political, non-profit making organisation run by and for students and recent graduates, who are interested in achieving academic and personal excellence in addition to their legal or law-related studies at university. 

  • 180 degrees.png

    180 Degrees Consulting

    180 Degrees are guest members that provide socially conscious organizations around the world with very high quality, extremely affordable consulting services. We work with organizations to develop innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they’re facing.

  • Rotary.png


    Rotary are guest members. They are a non-profit organization, a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

  • Logos (1).jpg

    Tech Lex

    Tech Lex is legal services of a new generation, embracing Technology and Innovation. Digital Delivery
    We are part of the Networking Premium family since 2020 and offer our co-workers preferential
    prices on digital legal services -25%

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Marketing & Advertisement

  • MB+logo.jpg


     A company in the solutions business that simplifies complexity by integrating human- and data-sourced insights, analytical targeting, and rich content in order to create low-friction, high-engagement programs for both direct and indirect selling models.

  • Screen%20Shot%202019-09-25%20at%2018.15_


    The goal of PMI (Performance Marketing Institute) is to help small and medium-sized enterprises by automating their customer acquisition. For this purpose, they are using the research of new opportunities through the progress of digitization and apply a patented concept to the individual wishes and success targets of their customers.

  • 62535449_618652188654546_106229460228479

    Digital Delivery

     A consulting agency in the field of marketing and PR. Backing up young entrepreneurs and companies, influencers marketing, and social experts.

  • Untitled design (5).jpg

    Inbound Junction

    Inbound Junction is a blockchain dedicated PR agency. Actually, the second biggest in the world. Among its customers and partners, you can find Binance, eToro, BitTorrent, HubSpot, WalkMe, and a few other big names.

  • Untitled design (6).jpg

    Market Across

    They provide a complete end-to-end marketing solution for blockchain firms. Also, they guarantee results, by using blockchain storytelling to execute success-based full-stack marketing and growth campaigns.

  • valoretech.jpeg


    Valoretech provides a professional comprehensive set of services such as:
    Digital marketing, SaaS platform solutions, advertising & campaign monetization, marketing & strategy consulting, finance solutions, and capital raising to private-public and start-up companies.

  • 57602732_2752850188119358_39051968664043

    Open Sofia Foundation

    Founded by Giuseppe Di Benedetto who turned the successful group of "Foreigners in Sofia & Friends" into a startup making Sofia (and other cities) more approachable and convenient to foreigners offering useful and wide user-generated information.

  • PR Penchev.png

    PR Penchev

    PR Penchev is one of the youngest companies in the field of public communications in Bulgaria, but already has an enviable number of clients and completed projects. Their services are aimed at companies that do not have their own PR department.

  • ALFA IMOTI (1).jpg

    Hypernova Marketing

    Hypernova Marketing acts as an extension of your marketing team. Their mission is rooted in spending your capital conservatively as if it were their own. Selling or promoting your products is more than just listing features or benefits. Successful marketing strategies move your clients easily up the sales cycle.

  • James Meads Consulting.jpg

    James Meads Media & Consulting

    James Meads works as a procurement consultant, helping manufacturing businesses to reduce what they spend with external suppliers by at least 5%.

  • Lukanoff Consulting.jpg

    Lukanoff Consulting

    Lukanoff Consulting help their clients (digital businesses) to generate more leads and customers through social selling. They will pick the right strategy for your product or service and that will you generate tons of revenue. Everything is tailor-made to your needs!

  • ALFA IMOTI (5).jpg


    Marktpro is a company dealing with marketing, advertising, consulting in the field of advertising, marketing, and information technology, project preparation, organization, and conducting of seminars and training

  • 0 (3).png

    One-Dot Sofia

    One-Dot is in the field of B2B Brand Communication, E-Commerce Solutions, User-Centered Digital Products, Brand Strategy, Employer & Content Marketing. 

    Some stalk quietly, others throw hand grenades: every customer is different, every project requires a special approach, all of them arrive at their destination. Their projects as inspiration for your trip

NGO and other

  • леж.JPG

    Leverage Shares

    A newly launched Exchange Traded Products (ETP) provider, offering experienced traders with magnified exposure, daily investment objectives, and efficiency when buying stocks on leverage. Leverage Shares ETPs were first listed on the London Stock Exchange in December 2017.

  • беско.JPG

    BESCO-Startup Association

    Founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs. They are the bridge between innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and the government in Bulgaria. They are an employers' organization that puts the spotlight over the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria.

  • Image by Franck V.

    AI Cluster-The Bulgarian Artificial Intelligence

    Founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs leading their companies and research in the field of artificial intelligence. The cluster aggregates those companies and startups under one entity for mutual action and collaboration. 

  • елица.JPG


    An interactive app for carrier orientation for teenagers. Elitsa, the creator, is a career coach, a corporate consultant, and the Founder of Career Guide - a premium company for career development and orientation. She is also a trainer and visionary and behind the idea of an interactive app for career, orientation focused on teenagers at the pre-uni stage.

  • 93323033_1778850255589172_35231232028867

    DesignFirst OÜ

    A company focusing on research and development of new products for leading international companies. Exclusive focus on creating new IoT products from scratch. 

  • coworking Sofia Bulgaria.jpg

    Svetlin Penkov

    Svetlin is a recognized Artificial Intelligence specialist. He is an active researcher, developer, and lecturer. Svetlin is a member of the AI Cluster and has been recently awarded by the president of Bulgaria, with the highest acknowledgment rank, the John Atanasov award.

  • Untitled design (3).jpg

    A young startup, a bio-Social project led by the founders of Networking Premium Coworking: Trifon Mihaylov and Emil Shekerdzhiiski. The startup has a simple goal: growing bee hives in an urban environment. The company has submitted a patent for a horizontal, simple to use, bee hive.

  • Untitled design (1).png

    Career Guide

    Carrer Guide is lead by Elitsa Kostova is a consulting agency for youth and teeneagers focused on developing their skills, learning work habbits and exploring their true quilities before and during the path of choosing a proffession.

  • 7.png

    Travel by Electric

    Travel by Electric is an innovative idea for renting electric cars for tours. They are a new brand of the rent-a-car company. Their mission is to evoke the usage of electric cars when leisure traveling, and not only in urban conditions.

  • ALFA IMOTI.png

    Casting Call Club

    Casting Call Club is a startup that can be best described as "The LinkedIn for the YouTube generation." Creators and talent can collaborate on projects, showcase their work, and learn how to be a creator. So far they have gained 400,000 users.

  • Science Museum Space Exploration

    The Biotech and Lifescience Cluster

    Founded and lead by Kristna Eskenazi and Dimitar Dimitrov. Unite life science leading companies such as Micar 21 and Genome. Their cutting edge developments has brought honor to Bulgaria.

  • ALFA IMOTI.jpg

    SW Custom

    SW Custom is a Bulgarian company that deals with carbon fiber and taylor made car parts.

    With impeccable service and customization, they also deliver worldwide.

  • NGR.jpg


    Established in 2006 with the view of introducing high-technology solutions in the field of fire protection. They put emphasis on high-quality products considering the highest safety standards of produced final goods. All products have domestic approvals or CE.

  • HF Markets.jpg

    HF Markets

    HF Markets offers various account types, trading software, and tools to facilitate individuals and institutional customers to trade Forex and CFD's online. All Retail, Affiliates, and White Label clients have the opportunity to access various spreads and liquidity via state of the art automated trading platforms.

  • Logos.jpg

    Vaya Estates

    Vaya Estates was created, guided by the idea to offer a different, higher quality of service on the Bulgarian real estate market. Their goal is for you, the customer to receive the right offer as quickly and correctly as possible.

  • Diginovo_IRZ Solutions.jpg

    Diginovo/IRZ Solutions

    DigiNovo empowers sales agents to become virtual consultants, enabling them to render the same level of service to both physical and online clients.

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