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Networking Premium's New Business Model

We all know what the repercussions of the pandemic were and still continue to be. A lot of businesses have gone bankrupt and hence - a lot of offices have gone vacant. The big business buildings and towers that were prosperous a year ago, are now empty. Home office is now the norm and because of COVID-19 we now know that people can actually be productive outside of the corporate atmosphere bigger companies create. But there is a niche, because people can go only so long stuck at home. 

The coworking office was always an interesting concept and in recent years it has been gaining popularity. 

Networking Premium Rakovska 24.jpg

What our experience with the impact of COVID-19 so far has been that people don’t actually enjoy working from home for longer amounts of time. Their house is their safe space - it’s the place they relax and wind down from work, so it’s very hard to focus when at home. 

We want to give our clients productiveness and the inspiration that they’re able to develop into the best version of themselves. The most important thing for an individual is the people they communicate with - that’s why the community is such an important thing to us. We want to develop a beneficial environment for everybody, where people can collaborate and give advice to each other, and overall help you as much as possible.

The environment and the people surrounding you is essential for your personal growth. 

A new business model we have created is being able to provide space for bigger teams, so we now have private offices with the capacity of 100+ people, because we see there is a demand for such a thing now and companies are even more aware of the environment that their employees work in. 

With this comes some good news for us and our members and family. We are opening a new space in Sofia at Rakovski 24, right next to our HQ!

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