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Бързо обобщение на всичко случващо се

Video: The Spanish community in Bulgaria

The diversity of our international community in coworking is proved by this video, filmed at Rakovska. It tells the viewer the story of one of our members from Spain and his life in Bulgaria. Watch the full video here.

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Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 13.03.20.png

May 12, 2021

Video: Foreigners in Sofia (BTV)

Guiseppe Di Benedetto tells his story on how he chose Bulgaria to be his next home. His struggle to adapt here as a foreigner has made him create the most successful among foreigners group, Foreigners in Sofia & Friends.

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Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 10.02.08.png

Jan 31, 2020

Video: Our member Monety teaches kids financial literacy (Nova)

The member start-up changes the industry of education by introducing family games that teach kids and parents the basics of financial success.

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Nov 24, 2021

Video: What is behind the secret sign from TikTok that saved a kidnapped girl in Canada (BTV)

A motorbiker saw a girl, making a sign with her hands, from the back seat of the car in front of him. He recognized the sign from TikTok and immediately knew that the girl is in danger. 

Watch the video (BG)

Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 14.00.02.png

Nov 9, 2021

Video: History of our Botev Location

БНТ 2 captured the history of our Botev location, the house of Kanazirevi. The video is in Bulgarian and includes English subtitles.



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зала за събития

Nov 5, 2021

#Pitch2Pitch 2 vol. 3

The third volume of season 2 of #Pitch2Pitch is here! This month's theme is "Something sweet, something healthy, and something eco-friendly". Read more to find out which startups competed this month!

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Oct 11, 2021

#Pitch2Pitch 2 vol. 1

You didn't think we'd end #Pitch2Pitch for real, right? 

The second season is here! A new set of brand new innovative startups are on the rise and we don't plan on missing out on them.

The theme of the first volume of the second season is gaming! Click the link to read more.

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Oct 11, 2020

Our new business model

It's amazing how fast our team and business has recuperated from the pandemic. 

We are extremely happy to share with people the opening of a fourth location in Sofia!


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Networking Premium Rakovska 24.jpg

Jan 15, 2021

Coworking in Kanazirev's house

With more than a year since it's opening, Networking Botev has become our favorite renaissance building in Sofia. 

Read more to find out more about its history and how it came to become what it is today.


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Dec 15, 2020

#Pitch2Pitch vol. 12 GRAND Finale

The finale of the season - incredible startups, incredible ideas and projects. 

A worthy finale, we would say. 

Thanks to Innovation Capital, the winner was able to receive an investment of €50,000.

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Sep 11, 2020

Coworking vs. COVID-19: Местата в София виждат спад в броя на членовете, но очакват след спешно увеличение на популярността

Повече от два милиона души по света са работили от coworking пространства през 2019 г., което е около 100 пъти повече от 21 000 през 2010 г., се казва в доклад на Statista. Преди избухването на коронавируса, съвместният опит непрекъснато нарастваше не само за фрийлансъри и startup фирми, но в някои случаи дори за инвеститори и по -големи компании, които искат да станат част от иновативна общност. Българската столица София не е изключение - класирана на 19 -то място в изданието за 2019 г. на European Coworking Hotspot Index от Cushman & Wakefield и с отворени врати за над 40 места през последните няколко години.

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Untitled design (10).jpg

Април 14, 2020

Coworking spaces-the foundation in the new social house

People developing the shared workspace business were definitely harmed during the pandemic. 

But we wholeheartedly believed and continued to invest even more and create new spaces, because we are convinced that this business model of flexible offices will be among the cornerstones of this new social house that we will create after the pandemic.

Our founder, Emil Shekerdzhiiski, talks more about the topic.

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July 21, 2020

How to stay focused in uncertain times

Even under quarantine, we continued to work hard and come up with new ideas about optimizing the offices for our members. And because our work is what drives us forward in life, we decided to start a 3 part blog series to help you get back to the office after a chaotic break and kick-start your work routine. 

For the first part, we introduce you to Ana Zdravkova, founder of Grantive Company - a brand for the development and management of public funding projects.

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June 15, 2020

Private office for 40 people with 15 Seats. Possible?

The mentioned option in the title is a new trend only available in flexible shared offices such as Networking Premium.

The company receives a big enough private office for part of the team along with extended meeting room credits and use of the big conference rooms once a week for the entire company.

The offer by Networking Premium starts from 89lv per member.

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June 22, 2020

Expanding the space

We have used the time of COVID-19 to build, to expand, and to create new beautiful spaces for you and our community, this by the backwind and fully believing that our business will survive and act as a savior in the times of recovery. 

This is one of the few new projects we have started, all finished and ready to use.

coworking space Sofia.jpg

June 1, 2020

#PITCH2PITCH | vol.8

We are extremely happy to announce that the winners of this edition are Meteo.Rocks. They are the creators of a network of automated weather stations in Bulgaria.

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20200311_190545 (1).jpg

Mar 11, 2020

#PITCH2PITCH | vol.3

The monthly pitching event winner was AMPECO, a Bulgarian startup developing software as a service solution for the shared vehicles environment.    



Jul 29, 2019

Coworking места: 7 нови пространства в София

​Да ползваш coworking spacе изобщо не означава да си… out of space. Споделените офис пространства продължават да свързват съвременните градски номади. Независимо дали си фрийленсър, предприемач или друг вид прелетна птичка, разгледай топографската coworking карта на Go Guide. Апартамент с приятно аристократичен дух, лофт с индустриален дизайн или друга интериорна Мека – сега е моментът да откриеш своето ново местенце.

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Untitled design (9).jpg

Септември 13, 2019

#PITCH2PITCH | vol.5

The monthly pitching event winner was Crime Spy Team, who created a tool that detects crimes captured by surveillance cameras using artificial intelligence.



Jul 29, 2019


We were glad to support our friend, our champion, the race car driver Ivan Latinov at the social volunteer event Писта София 2019 - Да опазим бъдещето ни!.

The event took place on Saturday and Sunday the 18-19.8.19. Ivan took place in 3 different races of 20 minutes and performed very well on the last final race reaching the 4th place.


Aug 18, 2019

Споделените офис пространства в София

Sharing is caring! Ето какво гласи корпоративната мантра на съвременния working sapiens. Споделените офис пространства продължават да свързват градските номади във все по-динамичната галактика на града. Социалната мрежа обхваща фрийленсъри, предприемачи и какви ли не пилигрими, а корпоративният пейзаж еволюира ежедневно. За да си в час, хвърли едно око на coworking картата на Go Guide и перфектния интериор на желанието ти за работа!

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Untitled design (4).jpg

Септември 15, 2020


Spotted, Alex Manchev, having his newest photoshoot at one of the locations of Networking Premium. Who is this beauty?

Janeta Osipova/Coworking.png

Aug 12, 2019

Blockchain Developers Meetup birthday's one year anniversary! 

A birthday party with balloons, beer, and pizza. We had fun, we discussed and we did a bit of networking. But then again what better place than Networking Premium?


Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 1.41.44 PM.png

Jul 31, 2019


Networking Premium Coworking Spaces have gathered a group of local and foreign experts to confront, divided into pro and against] the new Blockchain protocol: Libra.

Event Space Sofia.jpg

Jul 3, 2019

Tupperware Event

Tupperware, a well-known company for their light, unbreakable storage containers had over 120 people for their gathering in Networking Premium.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 2.13.13 PM.png

Jun 26, 2019

#PITCH2PITCH | vol.1

The first pitching event was conducted this June and the winner was Voccess, lead by Elitsa Kostova, a "Carreroscop", B2C app for career orientation based on psychological analysis. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 6.36.40 AM.png

Jun 24, 2019


48hr Hackathon and Drone party event, organized by Networking Premium Coworking was successfully completed with 1,000 packages delivered by 100 drones in the virtual city of Sofia. 

The winning team: "Riders of the Chain

lead by Nikolay Angelov.

Special guest: Solomon Passi


The Dronathon_edited_edited.jpg

April 21, 2019

NetWorking: Революционният Coworking в София, България

Не толкова отдавна Networking дойде с предложението за Premium Coworking Space и повярвайте ми, тези момчета преобразяват работата в екип на друго ниво!

Това място е всяка мечта на независимата, самоосигуряваща се, start-up компания: техният проект ще включва джакузи, дивани, телевизори, плейстейшън, пиано, китари и много други. Там ще се чувствате повече като у дома си, отколкото на всяко друго място.

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Декември 22, 2018

Video: The revolution of coworking spaces (Nova)

Trifon Mihaylov talks about the perks of working in a co-working space.

Filmed at Networking Premium Rakovska.

Watch the video (BG)

Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 11.21.37.png

Dec 2, 2021

Video: Doing business in Emerging Markets

Emil Shekerdzhiiski and Rusko Rusev share their experience with the Emerging Markets audience on setting up businesses in a new environment.

Watch the video (ENG)


May 05, 2020

Video: Virtual offices; interview with NP Founder Emil (BNT)

Would you like to find out how to do business in a virtual office? Check out the BNT interview with our founder Emil and the members of Networking Premium coworking spaces.​

Watch the video (BG)


Apr 1, 2020

Video: Office of the Future (BNT) 

How does the office of the future look like and why would some people choose to rent an office space for a day or even three hours? 

Watch the video (BG)

event space

Oct 9, 2019

#Pitch2Pitch 2 vol. 4

The fouth volume of season 2 of #Pitch2Pitch was on the 11th of November. Read more to find out more about the startups competed this month!

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Nov 11, 2021

eCollect Welcoming Party

On the 15th of October, we welcomed eCollect, the fintech company, to their very first location in Sofia.

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Oct 16, 2021

How to initiate your business plan

Delinx is a software development and outsourcing company started by two colleagues Dimitar Petrov and Lubomir Georgiev. 

You know what they say - "Friends that program together, stay together!"

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Feb 2, 2021

Money isn't just a kid's game, is it?

Monety is a fintech startup, focused on teaching children aged over 7 years to learn how to operate with money and be conscious about their finances.

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Monety product.jpg

Dec 22, 2020

From nomad to community manager 

Finn Bergmann is a nomad that found himself in Plovdiv in the right place and right time. 

His philosophy is traveling around the world, exploring and delving into new cultures and cuisine. He is also our community manager at Networking Plovdiv.

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Sep 11, 2020

One direction,
many opportunities

Enigma Holdings, our mother company, has received a grant under the procedure BG16RFOP002-2.073 "Support to micro and small enterprises for overcoming the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic" under the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" (OPIC) 2014-2020. The financing is under the project "Overcoming the lack of funds and the lack of liquidity, which occurred as a result of the epidemic outbreak of COVID-19". 

The procedure is implemented with the financial support of the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

Untitled design.jpg

June 27, 2020

#Pitch2Pitch vol. 11

Yet again this month's edition had some really great startups that pitched on stage.

As the last event for this season, we decided to separate the prize of 10K between two startups!

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Aug 11, 2020

#Pitch2pitch vol. 10

This month's theme was FinTech. We had some amazing startups pitching their ideas.

Complying with recent regulations for COVID-19, this time around we did a hybrid event, combining zoom and live video on Facebook.

If you missed it, you can go check it out now! 

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July 11, 2020

From corporate to a coworking office

A short interview with Dobrinka Boeva, a technical writer for VMWare and part of Networking Premium's community.

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Feb 27, 2020

#Pitch2Pitch vol.9

This edition of #Pitch2Pitch we gladly opened with an astonishing performance of magic revelations soprano opera singer Dilyana Georgieva backed by the famous bagpipes of Svetlio Zhilev. 5+1 startups presented in front of the jury of 5. The winner was hype software.

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June 11, 2020

В мрежата на Networking Premium

Израснал като предприемач и бизнес ангел в Израел, Емил Шекерджийски създава стилно споделено пространство в центъра на София с идеята да предаде от опита си на българската стартъп екосистема.

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Untitled design (3).jpg

Април 3, 2020

Networking Premium открива петата си локация в Пловдив

Веригата Networking Premium ще предостави възможност на хора със свободни професии, предприемачи и иноватори да работят заедно в най-голямото работно споделено пространство, което ще отвори врати тази пролет в Пловдив. Коуъркинг е съвременен начин на работа, при който хора, развиващи се в различни сфери, споделят ежедневието си и обменят опит заедно. В духа на емблематичния пловдивски квартал "Капана", създателите и дизайнерите на Networking Premium ще преобразят една от централните сгради срещу Халите на "Главната" в сърцето на града.

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Untitled design (8).jpg

Март 6, 2020

Споделени офиси в къщата на Каназиреви

Собствениците на Нетуъркинг Премиум реставрираха архитектурното бижу и му вдъхнаха нов живот. Хора с различни бизнеси работят заедно, сякаш са семейство, помагат на млади предприемачи.​

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Untitled design (7).jpg

Декември 15, 2019

Forever Living Product

Forever Living Product, a company of all aloe vera products, had their motivational event in Networking Premium 

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 11.17.28

Jun 9, 2019

#PITCH2PITCH | vol.7

The winner of the event was Urban Aquaponics. They introduce a new type of agriculture in the urban environment of Sofia.



Feb 11, 2020

Amateur's exhibition

Don't be fooled by the title, the paintings are amazing. The author, Ludmila Jivkova, talks about how she has come up with the name of her exhibition ('Emotionally').

"Everything I paint and draw is with passion and emotion. It's my first ever exhibition, so it seemed right as a name."

We can't wait to see what she does next.


Aug 15, 2019


Networking Coworking hosted the launch event in Sofia,Bulgaria of the new line of the brand new Samsung Note 10/10+ phones.


Aug 8, 2019


Lynx Innovations |, An Israeli startup developing a biometric verified physical stamp device.


Copy of image1_edited.jpg

Aug 6, 2019

#PITCH2PITCH | vol.2

The monthly pitching event winner was, a Bulgarian startup developing an AI-based solution chatbot, specializing in smart cities.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at

Jul 29, 2019


A European Union is incentivizing young travelers and organization leading an event at Networking Premium Coworking: Rakovska focused on the freedom of travel


Jul 10, 2019

From nomad to community manager

"I had to make a decision - to study or not. And I want to study, but I don't want to stay in one place for the next 3 years, I'd go crazy. That's the reason I became a nomad."

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Jun 14, 2019

Networking София: Офисната среда, подобна на Google за свободна практика

Места за релаксация, висящи градини, картини, огромно старо пиано - това пространство има доста нетрадиционна атмосфера за вътрешния пазар на съвместната работа. Networking Sofia е едно от най-новите co-working пространства в българската столица. То стартира преди седем месеца, когато основателят Емил Шекерджийски реши да разшири съществуващата premium co-working работна верига, базирана в центъра на Tel-Aviv. Днес Networking е на път да пусне две нови локации в София и верига за co-living .

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Untitled design.png

Май 14, 2019


Alex Manchev, an appreciated artist especially known for his nude art signature photography has revealed his masterpieces at an invite-only private event.


May 17, 2019

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