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#Pitch2Pitch | vol.7
On the 11th of February, we had the pleasure to host an elevator pitching event of a few young, yet promising Bulgarian startups.

The event, part of the monthly series Pitch2Pitch, includes a 1-minute pitch followed by an up to 5 minutes Q&A In front of 5 judges:


1. Leona Aslanova (Innovation Starter Agency)

2. Victor Manev (Impetus Capital).

3. Alexander Terziyski (NV3 Venture Fund and NEVEQ II)

4. Emil Shekerdzhiiski (Networking Premium)

5. Dimitar Dimitrov (Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria)


On this session the startups pitching were:

1. Urban Aquaponics - It introduces a new type of agriculture in the urban environment of Sofia. Growing fish and plants simultaneously, in an interconnected system saves 90% more water than traditional farming, produces less waste and saves space. The yield is high all year round without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals as fertilizers or for pest control. They are currently providing homes, restaurants, and shops with custom systems with beautiful fish and leafy greens, herbs or spices.
Currently, they are at an early stage (seed round). The team consists of science people only in the field of chemistry and biology and as of now, they don’t have any financial nor business plan but that will change very soon. 


2. PSGaaS – They are going to introduce a tool that will allow you to find a place to park or leave your vehicle while in the urban area. The idea is to share your garage or parking spot to minimize the traffic, the time to park and utilize the urban areas. 
The experienced guys, behind this project, plan to release a working demo. Currently, they are looking for 50 000-euro seed investment which will be enough for 6 months of operation and will deliver after 6 months a pilot.

3. Scalepitch – It is a web-based application that helps entrepreneurs create quickly and easily a professionally prepared Pitch Deck without any design skills required. The innovative approach for the creation of Pitch Decks used in the product is a solid foundation that later the creators plan to use for building all types of presentations.
The startup is still at its early stage but has already produced an MVP with a self-investment. The MVP is now working but missing some design final touches. Currently, the team is looking for 150 000 euro which will be invested mostly in marketing. The product has produced already 50 successful pitch decks for the first alpha early adaptors.

4. Sferata 123 – It is a startup that designs and builds wooden stratodesic domes which are domes with axis symmetry. It combines excellent ecology features, the comfort of living and a high level of energy efficiency.
The smallest unit available which is 7m diameter, 36 m2-  includes concrete base and is basically a finished apartment with a kitchen, windows, AC system, hot water system, bathrooms and bedrooms. This will cost about 70 000 leva.
For bigger units (10m,12m,14m diameters) , the price is around 800lv/m2 . Currently, they are looking for 60 000 lv for building the first demo unit. The company already has 300 potential customers who has subscribed and have shown interest.

5. LAM’ON – It is a 100% biodegradable laminating film for print. It is derived from renewable resources like corn. The glue layer that they developed specifically for the needs of the industry is completely toxic-free. It is also water soluble in order to ease the recycling process. On top of that the production method saves time and money.
They expect to be profitable in the end of 2021. Currently they are seeking for 150 000 euro (round A) revenue this year (2020) Their goal is 2000 rolls produced and by the end of the year (Round B) they are looking for 500 000 euro. By the end of 2021 the main goal of the team is to sell 24 000 rolls and by the end of 2022 – gain 3 000 000-euro profit.


The winner of the event was Urban Aquaponics. They will receive a credit prize of 6,000 BGN to use at Networking Premium Coworking. Along with the of guidance and review of Emil Shekerdjiiski and Trifon Mihaylov. With the help of the members of our team, a business plan will be established along with the financial offer for seed round.

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