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#Pitch2Pitch 2 | vol.4 This month on the 11th we had the honor to host some amazing startups from all sectors, from a gaming HR platform to a digital voting system already working with a few Bulgarian municipalities.

The judges:

  • Boris Kolev is a startup investor and serial entrepreneur. His life passion is about succeeding in the unexplored fields where no one have stepped or succeeded. He believes that everyone can do business and make big profits if desired, but only great humans can do succesfull business while helping the society and taking care for the people, environment and our planet in the same time.

  • Kristina Boseva, an investment associate in IMPETUS Capital. She has studied at Rotterdam School of Management, with a focus on business valuation investments, private equity and financial modelling.

  • Michael Gorel - Israeli Angel Investor

  • Emil Shekerdzhiiski - co-founder and CEO of Networking Premium

  • Victor Schiller is now involved with R Cubed Group which is a private equity fund investing in equities, fixed income, real estate and strategic investments including early-stage companies. He joined us online through Zoom, with a few of the startups participating.

The startups:

  • is an edutech platform connecting private teachers with students for online private lessons. Everything happens through the platform from finding to booking and attending a lesson .They are also building a community for teachers, where they help and elevate each other. They have reached a milestone of 200 students and 50 teachers and conducted hundreds of classes already. 

  • Pleggi is a project that turns scientifically proven psychometric experiments into fun online games that measure cognitive and personality traits used as data for unbiased pre-selection process matching top candidates with employers. They have reached a future collaboration agreements with big name companies such as Raiffaisen bank, SAP, Anakatech and more.

  • Unboxd - Bulgaria's first peer-to-peer (C2C) resale platform for brand new and preworn clothing and accessories for both men and women, connecting individual buyers and sellers through a digital marketplace. They plan to be out in the market in April 2022. They have reached 250 positive responses for their product through a survey.

  • LayAlt  - The product is an all-in-one solution, based on proprietary software architecture. It utilizes AI through object recognition and image manipulation. LayAlt develops a subscription-based next-gen 360° capture & display technology for e-commerce. It provides easy product scanning with a smartphone and ultra-lightweight visualization of the photorealistic output on the respective product page. They managed to use the standard size of 400Mb to 13Mb and with easy integreation it's in every website builder with a similar to YouTube integration. The team has experience working together on another similar, yet different, project visualizing event spaces with a similar technology, they had to pivot due to the COVID-19 effect on their prevoius business. They've raised 50K so far and  currently looking to raise 250K EUR from which they got already a commitment of 200K EUR.

  • Real Vote is a specially created system for a digital and remote holding of meetings and voting of municipal councils and commissions, providing individual and protected access to the users, fully meeting the requirements of LPPD. The meetings are held through an encrypted and secure video-conference connection, an independent and secure chat channel with the possibility to exchange messages at the level of the party group, members of the municipal council, and/or individual messages. The integration of the system takes up to 30 mins and can be done in one day. They are currently active and working in 5 municipalities and another 15 municipalities are in the pipe line. There are a total of 270 municipalities in Bulgaria. They are also validating the polish market for their next expansion.

  • Sevarex is a company that produces eco-friendly, nature based building materials, like paint and insulation. By using their building materials you automatically contribute to the higher your quality of life. On average, people spend about 80% of their daily lives indoors space. It is for this reason that the theme of the natural and qualitative way of life is in our focus. The team consists of 3 people. They have started with an investment of 20K EUR. So far, they have done successfulyy 7 projects and their competitive approach is that yo are getting for the same price an eco product (to paint 40sqm will cost about 57EUR) They have also reduced the shipping costs, as their product is a concentrated powder to b mixed with water on site.

And as we always say, the winners here are the startups we believe we can help the most with their growth and development by giving them a place to work from and consulting them on the next stages in the project.

With that being said, we are very happy to announce this month has two winners!

Pleggi won the big prize of 7K BGN in credits that they can use for all services of Networking. The other winners, that we wanted to contribute to, were They won 2K BGN for all services Networking provides.

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