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From nomad to community manager

Finn is part of our team at our newest location - Networking Plovdiv and with probably one of the best occupations out there - he’s a traveler. Originally from Germany, a year ago he decides he’s not cut out for everyday normal life and that he wants to travel and see the world.

That idea started when he was in high school - him with just a backpack hitchhiking possibly the whole

world. Having the dilemma of continuing his studies or fulfilling his dream, he decided on the latter and began his journey from his native country Germany, then onto the Czech Republic, Romania, and finally Bulgaria. Finn spent a few months in our beloved capital, Sofia, working in a hostel and then moved to Plovdiv for a while, with the plans of going to Turkey next. Instead of spending the scheduled week at Plovdiv though, he got ‘stuck’ there, because he met people and m

ade friends that wanted him to stay longer. Spoiler alert - he did. His life philosophy is quite simple - traveling, going from place to place and exploring countries, meeting new people, and making new contacts. That's how he met Agita Jaunzeme, the team leader in Plovdiv. They met at a few events she hosted and as he was becoming a part of our community, she invited him to be part of the Networking team.


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