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Next level for Your Tax Management with Heavnn: The Premier Solution for Location-Independent Workers

In today’s globalized world, the freedom to work from anywhere was turned from luxury into a lifestyle. Digital nomads, slowmads, business travelers, cross-border workers, expats... are all embracing the opportunity to live and work in multiple countries. However, finding the optimal legal setup to work from anywhere and managing the complexities of global taxation can be a significant challenge.

That’s where Heavnn steps in.

Introducing Heavnn

Heavnn is a global tax management solution specifically designed for location-independent workers. Our mission is to help you establish the right legal structure for an efficient location-independent business while optimizing your global taxation, with up to 100% of tax savings depending on your situation.

Because let's face the elephant in the room: financial growth and freedom doesn't start without a strategy to keep and optimize the use of the money that we make.

We're happy in this article to delve deeper into the use case for digital nomads and location-independent workers.

Why Global Tax Management?

As a digital nomad, managing taxes across multiple jurisdictions is a complex yet essential task to ensure legal compliance, financial optimization, and long-term stability. Effective global tax management helps you comply with diverse tax laws, avoid penalties, and leverage tax benefits to minimize your tax burden. It also prevents double taxation, allows strategic tax residency choices, and ensures proper business structuring for optimal tax efficiency. Ultimately, it provides the flexibility and peace of mind to enjoy your nomadic lifestyle while maintaining robust financial health.

A few examples of what it looks like to optimize a setup:

  • Sandrine, the Digital Settler: Sandrine was based in London and has been working as an experienced product manager for the past 5 years. In the perspective of achieving her dream of becoming fully location-independent, but still with a base somewhere, she quit her corporate position to start offering UX/UI self-employed consulting. She used Heavnn to assess the best tax residency between a selection of countries she planned to visit and settle a business entity allowing her to work from anywhere while significantly reducing her tax burden. As a result she saves more than 20,000$ per year in taxes, which she invests in new equipments, travel to industry events to find more clients, but also in cryptocurrencies.

  • Mark, the Slowmad Entrepreneur: Mark runs an online coaching business, spending a few months in different countries each year. Heavnn assisted Mark in setting up a legal structure that ensures compliance across multiple jurisdictions. By strategically choosing his tax residency and leveraging international tax treaties, Mark saved a substantial amount on taxes, which he used to hire additional staff and grow his business.

  • Sara, the Cross-Border Worker: Sara works as a consultant for a multinational company, working in a country while living in another country. Heavnn provided Sara with a tailored tax strategy that optimizes her tax obligations based on her travel schedule and work locations. As a result, Sara significantly reduced her tax liabilities, giving her more financial freedom to enjoy her lifestyle.

The takeaway: global tax management is part of the essentials that any location-independent professional should consider when it comes to strategic financial thinking.

Assess your tax savings and find out more about global tax management with Heavnn here.

This article is brought to you by Heavnn in partnership with Networking Premium. Together, we’re committed to support ambitious professionals and nomads towards success.


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