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Pitch2Pitch Vol.9

On the 11th of June, we had the pleasure to host an elevator pitching event of a few promising Bulgarian startups.

The event, part of the monthly series Pitch2Pitch, includes a 1-minute pitch followed by an up to 5 minutes Q&A In front of 5 judges: 1.Svetlin Nakov (Founder of SoftUni) 2. Yavor Gochev (from Innovation Capital, former Innovation Accelerator) 3. Victor Manev (Founder of Impetus Capital) 4. Emil Shekerdzhiiski (Founder of Networking Premium) 5. Trifon Mihaylov (partner at Networking Premium) On this session the startups pitching were:

1. Augmentation History brings to you historically accurate, real-size, views of the past. You can explore and discover what the world looked like back in time! Their presenter was Hristiyan Aleksandrov and he joined us on Zoom. They have manually developed 3 3D detailed historical objects that you can explore in their free app. They are looking forward to expanding their historical sights database. 2. Hype Software is a new generation software meant to help with business management. Plamen Manev, the Co-Founder was there is to pitch their idea. They are currently looking for €100K investment to expand their marketing and continue to develop their software. They have 20 signed and retained paying customers and 20 more that entered their on-boarding process. 3. HomePort is a platform for data exchange between satellite stations and ground units. Zdravko Dimitrov, founder of SAT-1 Initiative was the one who pitched their idea. They are developing a smart contract system to align the data transfer between satellites, ground stations, and data customers. HomePort is currently looking to get its first customer by the end of this year and looking to raise €650K . 4. BioSeek is a scientific data analysis startup by Rossen Genchev and the successful serial startup building team. The team under BioSeek used the COVID-19 pandemic time and need to develop a new product for managing health and other crisis. Their product customers are either governmental organizations or corporate customers. They are currently in closed beta stage and they need 5-7 weeks to complete their product. They were invested by Impetus Capital and are currently not looking for another investment round. 5. OS Implants is a startup that does 3D printing of biocompatible customized implants. Vanyo Vezirov, a biotech entrepreneur and founder presented their idea. OS Implants developed a unique technology to 3D print a polymer-based material called PEEK with improved characteristics compared to classic implants such as titanium and others. In terms of rigidity and energy absorptions and more efficient production at the same price range of currently used materials. Currently, they are focused on the animal market and have the vision to start the process of approving it to human use.

The winner of the event was hype software. They will receive a credit prize of 7,500 BGN to use at Networking Premium Coworking along with the guidance and review of Emil Shekerdjiiski and Trifon Mihaylov and also innovation capital gave them a ticket in appearance in their next startup contest


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