Networking : The revolutionary coworking in Sofia

Nerworking: The revolutionary coworking in Sofia

Translated from original article by published on 22nd of December 2018

Why is so important to people understand you produce more when you have the freedom to work from everywhere? This and many more topics I had the pleasure to interview Emil Shekerdzhiiski (which I would never be able to pronunciate right his last name). Emil it's Bulgarian with his background in Israel, where the start-up scene it's very strong since the last decade, where every second person either has a start-up or has an idea to start an start-up. I must say he is one of the most inspiring and exciting person I've met with many different amazing projects. Bellow you can read a bit of our interview and if you are a digital nomad/ remote worker or it's just interesting in the nomad life, then you will understand why he is doing such a great work:

"I believe the change comes from the little people, not the big people. Little people can be the example for the others it's like a snow ball, everybody comes. And I believe this part of me, creating part of the coworking, mentoring and investing in this coworking and be like the example how you can make money with technology, innovation and start-ups and how you can have a really good life with this and be satisfied. But it's not just about money but like life's accomplishment, this is my niche and this is what I want to bring to Bulgaria, this is why I moved here and I'm working here full-time entirely. I believe with the great minds in this country, who has a big potential and great enthusiasm. Everything here has the pure perfect ground to create amazing start-ups, you have everything here except for money. Maybe this could be the biggest problem. But I believe in this country and the people - this is why I'm investing my money and my time here. Everything I can do to make this place rise. Creating a coworking which it's scaled in the upper sector, and being the best in town. We are always growing, we are already in Israel and Singapore and soon opening another one in Bulgaria. This is what we can do, I'm not alone. I have partners behind me and I'm just the manager and co-founder of this place. The people behind me has full trust on me and I'm here to full-fill this mission for myself, for the people with me and for Bulgaria. Here I was born, I learned how to do business in Israel and now it's my time to give it back here. This is me and this is the Networking."