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Startup Event Pitch2Pitch 2 vol. 8


  • Victor Manev

  • Michael Goren

  • Yavor Gochev

  • Stoyan Nedin

  • Emil Shekerdzhiiski


  • SalesHookup - Sales professionals are time-constrained with back-to-back-back online meetings. SalesHookup removes the hassle of finding peers to network with, reaching out, coordinating times, and scheduling calls.

  • Brick 3D - Brick3D brings down the financial barrier to creativity when it comes to building blocks (like LEGO).

  • Wonder Studio - creating Steampunk art installations with digital twins and compelling stories to educate in 3D and digital skills.

  • Digiburn - Digiburn is your personal digital burnout therapy. Get a burnout check-up and in case of any symptoms, we are happy to help. Burn bright, not out

  • AlterEgo - an identity protector. It generates full virtual identities (email addresses, strong passwords, usernames etc) to protect your personal data.

The prize was separated by two winners - Digiburn that took 3000BGN home and AlterEgo that got 4000BGN. Congrats to all!


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