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Startup Event Pitch2Pitch S.3 vol. 4

This volume of P2P was held at our newest venue Gurko Theathre Hall.

Check out the video to find out more

The judges this month:

- Zdravko Markov - Managing Partner at Lemark Invest and an Angel and VC investor

- Thomas Tsanev - Vice President of Finance at Citibank

- Kamen Bankovski - Vitosha Ventures Partner

- Vladimir Danailov - Executive Director, Member of Management Board of Fund of funds in Bulgaria

- Emil Shekerdzhiiski - CEO & Founder of Networking Premium

The startups:

Wave Breaker is a startup, developing an 80sqm high performance electric sailboat.

Tivoros is a fast paced multiplayer game that helps you learn math!

Unigift's mission is to reinvent what digital gift means while giving the user full control over what to gift.

Zoa App - with this app you can track and improve relationships with anyone, from your boss to your mom. The method is based on cognitive behavioural therapy.

Spatium - Spatio-temporal databases aim to provide database support for applications which show both spatial and temporal characteristics. It provides extensions to existing models of spatial databases and maps to include temporal aspects, in order to better cater to dynamic environment, like moving objects, traffic flow, etc.

A huge thank you to our sponsors Health in Box! Thanks to Mila Petrova, Founders' Institute, Ani Zdravkova and for the grants they supplied.


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