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All Locations Access

  • 24/7 Access

  • Use all locations in Bulgaria and roaming access to worldwide partners

  • Get a physical address (company registration)

  • Professional printing appliances

  • Use of our Makerspace + take tools home

  • Use of our professional photography/videography equipment

  • Coliving option (at additional cost)

  • Complimentary hourly Parking for your guests

  • Optional parking (+100lv/month)

  • Locker for belongings

  • Access to the Makers space (+take tools home)


Buy Online. Cancel Anytime


(224 EUR/month) incl. VAT


Full Plan

  • Complimentary Barista level coffee appliances

  • Complimentary Beers and Wine

  • Access to events and members portal

  • Professional printing appliances

  • Conference rooms credits

  • up to 5 Days Roaming in all locations


Buy Online. Cancel Anytime


(153 EUR/month)

incl. VAT


Daily Pass

Purchase a daily pass to try the networking premium coworking experience. 

Buy Online:


(15 EUR/day) incl. VAT

Weekly pass

  • Networking membership, enter events, discounts from Partners

  • Complimentary: Coffee, Tea, Beer and Wine

  • Does not incl.: conference rooms, free printing, parking


Buy Online. Cancel Anytime


(60 EUR) incl. VAT

PRIVATE OFFICE (1-25+ desks)

For Example:

  • Personal Private Office

    • Mini personal office for one person

  • Team Office for 4

    • Personal Team office, private, locked

  • Large office (6,8,15-25+ seats)

    • Membership with all possible perks (parking incl.)

    • Private meeting rooms option

    • Taylor-made office design


Our largest member has a 160-seat office, we are always ready to scale with you.



Hourly pass

Pay per hour as you go.

Buy Online:


(4.5 EUR/month) incl. VAT

Night-Owl + Weekend

Access to the coworking from 18:00 every weekday and all weekend. A plan was created for people with a day job whose aim is to develop their own business after work. No guests are allowed with this plan.

Buy Online:


(65 EUR/month )incl. VAT



3-month package

  • 30 days use within 90 days, consecutively or separately 9:00-19:00, Rakovska HQ Location. Includes:

  • Networking membership, entering events, discounts from partners

  • Complimentary Coffee, Tea, Beer, and Wine

  • Does not include conference rooms, free printing, parking

Buy Online:


(230 EUR) incl. VAT

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