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From corporate to a coworking office

Dobrinka Boeva is an artistic soul with linguistic abilities and has been a technical writer at VMware during the past 10 years. Being stuck home office because of the global pandemic, she decided to try out the coworking experience and joined the community of Networking Premium.  


What’s a technical writer you may ask? These are the people behind the F1 button of your software, spending endless hours being the first users of this same software so that you can spend two days clicking around before you actually open the user documentation.  


2020 affected humanity in various ways, but we’d like to bring your attention to the positive side of the current situation. When asked if she feels any difference in her productivity since joining us, Dobrinka admits that she loves the atmosphere in the coworking space and the opportunity of meeting new people with different perspectives, professions, and opinions every day. Being exposed to the diversity of our community, Dobrinka has even started contributing to the Open Sofia startup project.

In a corporate atmosphere, everyone is more closed off. They’ve divided into groups and it’s weird to talk to somebody outside of it. In a coworking, it’s quite the opposite. Opportunities for meeting new people await at every corner – preparing a hot cup of coffee, having lunch, or a short break, you can meet people with completely different views, professions, nationalities, characters, and more.

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