Libra, Experts Panel
Local Blockchain experts were invited to confront opinions about the new Libra protocol.

Networking Premium Coworking hosted and initiated the first debate in the area about the new "Facebook's Cryptocurrency".


There were two panel board one vs. one, Pro vs Against the libra protocol.


Pro:                                                            Against:

Svetlin Nakov (SoftUni)                            Milen Radkov (

Petko Karamochev (Industria)                 Hristo Georgiev (

Ivo Georgiev (Adex)                                 Tito Titov (WeiDex)

Nikolay Angelov (Lecturer)                      Sven Gmann (Kraken)

The panel lasted 90 minutes and the opposing opinions were crossing the air.

The first question raised was: Do you think if Facebook will fail in the Libra project, fail against the opposition of the Governments, the blockchain has no future since no one else will be able to make it popular?

This question was taken directly from the blog post of Nikolay Angelov that posted about it a few days before the event.

No consensus has been reached but definitely, there is an agreement that Facebook has the most powerful user base that can make Blockchain and in particular its currency use a mass adopted way to transact, worldwide.

A full article covering the event was published on Trending Topics: read


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The new cryptocurrency of Libra,

Panel discussion at Networking Premium Coworking Space


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