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Rakovska HQ

G. C. Rakovski 25

Sofia, Bulgaria

Our iconic and very first location in Sofia, Bulgaria. A seven-story building with a dope basement and stunning rooftop.



blvd. Hristo Botev 82

Sofia, Bulgaria

The classic house of the Kanazirevi family got a new life as a stylish coworking space.


The Villa

ul. Captain Raicho 8, Kostinbrod, Bulgaria

Just 20 min drive from our city center locations, you will find our retreat villa.

Suitable for outdoor work or team buildings on demand.


Gurko Panorama

ul. Gurko 16/G. C. Rakovski 108 Sofia, Bulgaria

Key positioned coworking and private offices overlooking at Sofia's architectural beauties.



blvd. Vitosha 63

Sofia, Bulgaria

Prime location, on Vitoshka pedestrian. A mini-sized coworking space with a rustic cozy design.



ul. Raiko Daskalov 19-21 

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On the main street on Kapana corner, we have managed to create an exceptional community.


Rakovska 24

G. C, Rakovski 24

Sofia, Bulgaria

A cooperate style private office featuring huge glass wall corner windows.