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#Pitch2Pitch 2 | vol.1
On the 11th of October, we had the pleasure to host our elevator pitching event for some very promising Bulgarian startups. This month's theme was gaming.

The series Pitch2Pitch includes a 1-minute pitch about the startups' achievements followed by a Q&A in front of the judges:

1. Jordan Atanassov - local Startup activist

2. Victor Manev - Growth equity investor and Co-Founder at Impetus Capital

3. Anton Radev - financier CFO at Euromarket

4. Kiril Mintchev - leading Angels Club expansion in London

5. Emil Shekerdzhiiski (Founder of Networking Premium)

6. Trifon Mihaylov (partner at Networking Premium)

For the finale of the season, we gathered all winners from previous volumes to join us and compete for an investment of €50.000 by Innovation Capital.

The startups were: 


1. The Sixth Hammer - a gaming internet company, introducing their new project Moo Lander - a 2D adventure platformer, where you take control over your people’s last remaining flying saucer to scour varied environments in search of the source of infinite amounts of precious milk.

2. Marko: Beyond Brave -   a 2D Action Adventure Game inspired by classic cartoons and Balkan folklore and Slavic myth, currently in development by Studio Mechka.

3. Dreamteck - a small indie game studio. They are currently working on our project - Lifeslide (a flight adventure game which takes the player on a metaphorical journey through life with a paper plane). They are also interested in pursuing VR next. 

They are also the winner of this volume, winning a total of 8,000BGN for using all services provided by Networking Premium.

4. Pleggi - they are turning scientifically proven psychometric experiments into fun online games that measure cognitive and personality traits used as data for unbiased pre-selection process matching top candidates with employers.

5. Tr1be esports - a new type of an organization focusing on the development of upcoming esports athletes in the Balkans and helping them become professionals. They work in a growing sector of professional esports where Bulgaria or players from Bulgaria are among the countries with the biggest amount of players in the popular esports gaming platforms.


The winner of the gaming edition of the Pitch2Pitch is Dreamteck. They won 8K BGN for using all services Networking Premium can provide.

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