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#Pitch2Pitch | vol.10
On the 11th of July, we had the pleasure to host an elevator pitching event of a few promising Bulgarian startups. 

The event, part of the monthly series Pitch2Pitch, includes a 1-minute pitch followed by an up to 5 minutes Q&A In front of 5 judges:

1. Yoanna Genova (Innovation manager at Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria)

2. Thomas Tsanev (Vice President of Finance at Citibank)

3. Victor Manev (Founder of Impetus Capital)

4. Emil Shekerdzhiiski (Founder of Networking Premium)

5. Trifon Mihaylov (partner at Networking Premium)

On this session the startups pitching were:


 1. REINNO is a tokenization and lending solution that brings liquidity to commercial real estate owners and investors. So far REINNO completed and announced two tokenizations of real estate worth a total of $107.5 million. The company also launched its proprietary lending platform and is soon adding marketplace functionalities.

Led by Victor Victorov, so far,  they have financed 9 deals that some of them included more than one building. They have 5K interested subscribers and 200 investors signed up. The team is of 20 people - 10 work in the US as sales and marketing, and 10 work in Bulgaria as business development, management, and technical development

 2. InChainZ is a blockchain-based platform enabling participants to manage, trade, and invest in a marketplace where contact information is an asset. They aim to employ MasterMind (AI) dynamic and adaptable income allocation algorithm that will try to maintain a balance between the motivation of the different contributors.

They are currently in an advanced testing stage of their platform.

 3. Monety project was first presented back in January on Pitch2Pitch vol.6 by Ivan Atanasov. In 6 months Monety grew from a single founder and a mobile app idea to a team of 4 and a financial literacy learning platform that helps parents teach children about money. Our solution will provide educational materials through a web platform, smart cards, printouts and a mobile app. To practice the money game we will link the app with bank cards, that children and parents can use together. The project was presented by Nikolay Mihaylov, Design Director and Co-founder of Monety. The company invested their own money so far and time. They showed development from ideas stage to MVP. The product price range is expected to be between 30-50 EUR for the NFC card box and one-year subscription to their app. They won one month of coworking, along with 10 hours of consulting. By the end of this month, they took a challenge to release an MVP to the app stores.

 4. Groupayer - Groupayer develops a digital financial service designed for informal group of individuals who collect, manage and spend funds for mutual causes, events, etc. The service aims to fully digitalize the process and makes it faster, transparent and secure. Their product is mainly focused on the Eastern Europe market They are currently hiring technical and marketing experts.


 5. iPORT is committed to changing the way insurance policies are taken out. They offer a solution in accordance with the dynamic daily life of the modern consumer and in accordance with current legislation.
It is a digital insurance platform you can take out insurance or get a personal consultation quickly, easily and conveniently without the need for an office visit.

Their business plan is based on commission per policy, but can range between 10-40%. they are live and kicking from January 2020, they have already onboarded 8 insurance companies, sold around 300 policies and yielded a revenue of 10K BGN on thee first 6 months of operation. 

They are the biggest winner of the competition and were granted 8K as Networking Premium credits and a ticket to the grand final where they van be invested with 100K BGN

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