Coworking vs. COVID-19: Spaces in Sofia see a drop in memberships

Translated from original article by trending topics published on 14th of April 2020

Some of the hubs are dedicated to small business owners and tech teams, other to social entrepreneurs, third to creatives, with topics going all the way to commercialization of science-based innovation and mental health.

However, the spread of COVID-19 has turned things upside down and made coworking operators completely rethink their operations and strategies. While some smaller spaces temporarily closed doors and others ceased their physical existence altogether, many remain open to their members for the time being. Nonetheless, with people encouraged to work from home and avoid social gatherings, and the ongoing uncertainty in the air, it’s definitely a challenging time for coworking spaces.

So, we asked the people behind five of the largest co-working spaces in Sofia to share how the current situation is affecting their business, what measures they have taken to survive the storm, and what are the new offerings and business models they are considering in order to adapt to the new state of affairs.

Metodi Terziev, Managing Director at betahaus Sofia ​

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