Money isn't just a kid's game, is it?

Monety is a startup in the fintech industry, that sells finance educational products for children aged over 7 years old. The idea started back in 2019, Ivan Atanasov as a financier wanted to create an online bank/wallet, but as the competition was already a lot, he decided to focus on making a product for kids, help to educate them on how to manage their money from a young age.

The team is formed by Ivan Atanasov, Nikolay Mihaylov & Yana Avramova. They met during their course at Founder’s Institute and from one word to another, they figured out they were interested in the same thing - help the Bulgarian educational system improve their teaching methods and communication about children’s values. Nikolay had set a goal for himself to improve his financial literacy and what better way to do it, than this?