Pitch2Pitch 2 Vol.3

On the 11th of October, we had the pleasure to host our elevator pitching event for some very promising Bulgarian startups. This month's theme was "Something sweet, something healthy and eco-friendly".

The judges:

  • Alexander Vladimirov is a startup finder & advisor. Also, formerly worked at Finance4Tech, a French investment company. He has extensive experience in private equity, venture capital, real estate, trading, and financial services. Striving to help the Bulgarian business environment constantly improve.

  • Yavor Gochev - an investment manager in Innovation Capital. His interests are in the area of Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Project Management.

  • Kristina Boseva, an investment associate in IMPETUS Capital. She has studied at Rotterdam School of Management, with a focus on business valuation investments, private equity and financial modelling.

  • Thomas Tsanev has experience as a Vice President of finance in Citibank. At the moment he is an angel investor, with broad experience managing teams and cross-functional projects in variety of strategy development, execution and client-facing functions. He joined us through Zoom.

  • Emil Shekerdzhiiski - co-founder and CEO of Networking Premium