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Pitch2Pitch S3E2

Pitch2Pitch is a startup pitching competition made in Bulgaria showcasing Bulgarian Startups in front of 5 competent and experienced Investors.

In this edition, we had a broad audience with a range of ages of 16-85+, an audience from Sofia and distant cities like Veliko Tarnovo.

The judges: 1. Viktor Manev, IMPETUS Capital 2. Yavor Gochev, Innovation Capital 3. Yordan Pamukov, Invest Bulgaria. 4. Borislav Borislavov, dsk Ventures. 5. Emil Shekerdzhiiski, NETWORKING Premium Coworking Spaces The lovely host: Elena Peneva And the people who came to give supporting grants: 1. Ivaylo Vatovski from Beyond Accelerator. 2. Mila Petrova, Angel Investor.

The Startups:

1. Neven Boyanov from Tinosaur, An education platform for teenagers educating the use of programming and robotics through a self-developed hardware in the model of Arduino. The platformed is training hundreds of students a year and have a network of over 100 teachers. Currently looking to raise 60,000 BGN.

2. Martin Marinov and Kremena Mihaylova from Parkiram is a platform that rents parking spots in private lots around he city and sells them to their corporate clients as one pass to park in multiple locations around the city

Parkiram is currently in the stage of looking for partnerships and raising capital of 200,000EUR

3. Yoanna Marinova from Multiart. Multiart is a membership model where you purchase a single card that allows you to enter a multiple culture events and exhibitions in your city . Currently on pre-seed and about to close an investment from an Angel Investor and a VC

4. Rossen Zhivkov from Abilitics. Abilitics is a well known software product-oriented development company that is developing products to be spinned-off. They have currently developed a social messaging and conversation platform aiming communities, allowing members to post conversation topics and develop a digital world conversation around them. At the moment the company is not looking for investment.

The Winners of this edition are:

Tinusaur won credits of 3,000 BGN, Multiart won credits of 4,000BGN and coaching support from the angel investor Mila Petrova and won pre-accelerator ticket from Beyond Accelerator.

roadcasting thanks to team of led by Ventsislav Nenkov.


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