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Startup Event Pitch2Pitch 2 vol.5

If you didn't know Pitch2Pitch is a monthly series of events for startups, entrepreneurs and investors. Five startups vs. five judges, the startups have 1 minute each to pitch their idea and then the judges get five minutes of Q&A, where they get to find out more about their progress.

So, the judges this month were:

  • Victor Manev from Impetus Capital

  • Mariyan Marinov from Sofiya Tech Park

  • George Alexandrov - Board member at Amcham

  • Michael Gorn - an Israeli Angel Investor

  • Thomas Tsanev - an Angel investor and former vice president of City Bank

  • Emil Shekerdzhiiski - CEO & Founder of Networking Premium

And we're proud to say that we're finishing the year with some great startups that pitched:

  • Food o box is a startup about managing food waste by selling unsold food products. They have already onboarded more than 100 businesses that are currently active and selling. They have 5000 downloads, of them 300 active users and on average they sell 8 boxes a day. They are currently looking for a seed round of 200 000 EUR that will be mainly invested in marketing, in reaching both the restaurants and the users on the other hand.

  • Unco is an urban shared mobility startup that creates mini bikes for rent per use. The bike can go up to 40km/hour. The cost price for each bike is 530 USD and the price will be 0.3 USD/minute. They are looking for 30K USD seed investment to operate pilot stage with up to 20 bikes. The requirement and their goal - to validate the business in the city. There are 500-1K needed per city.

  • is a company about gathering satellite data to track emissions. They are focused on the EU where 4mil people per year die from pollution (7mil people globally). Their target customers are insurance companies, HR departments and factories. They have 20 potential clients in Sofia.

  • Cargenta - Turning every vehicle into Smart one, through simple plug and play module.The solution works with all passenger cars manufactured after 1996. The price target per unit is 99 USD. They have developed 2 versions - 1 for the US market with 4G capability and another one that is smaller, simplified and cheaper, both as unit and per month data plan, for the EU market

  • Rejoy, a plastic recycling startup that are capable of producing tiles and in the future furniture from recycled plastic. Each tile is unique and one of a kind as the colours' combinations and arrangements. Their current production cost, including materials, is 4.5 BGN/tile where they aim to sell at 14.99 BGN/tile. Each tile contains 366 grams of plastic and renovating a 100 sqm. apartment with floor tiles will contain 585kg of recycled plastic.

We are the new Oprah, but instead of giving cars, we give awards!

We have 3 winners this month - Demosat and Rejoy both won 1K BGN and FoodObox took the big prize of 7K home.


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