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Startup Event Pitch2Pitch 2 vol. 6

Starting the New Year with a bang (and with COVID 😂). This month's startups were only 4 due to one of the participants falling sick with coronavirus. Stay safe and keep those around you safe as well!

Without further ado, these are the startups of this month:

  • Health in Box is a startup for placing self-service micro markets, targeting the office sector and especially coworking spaces, with healthy snacks in vending machines. That way people get fast and easy access to food, but also don't have to feel guilty about eating junk.

  • Sofenhagen is an NGO creating crowd-sourced cycling maps and ''safe-route'' navigation in cities. They have started with Sofia, trying to incorporate Copenhagen's cycling habits, hence the name "Sofenhagen" a symbiosis between the two cities' names. Slowly but surely making Sofia greener.

  • SensaTo is making the beehive monitoring technology affordable for everyone, creating the first temperature based, high definition beehive sensing systems with basic education for hobby beehives. The system literally senses the bees inside the hive and gives detailed information for each part of the nest, comb by comb.

  • Coshera is a subscription-based marketplace for delivery of discounted convenience goods

The judges that determined the winners of this month's edition:

  • Viktor Manev - Growth equity investor and Co-Founder at Impetus Capital

  • Thomas Tsanev - Angel investor, with broad experience managing teams and cross-functional projects in variety of strategy development, execution and client-facing functions.

  • Yavor Gochev - an investment manager in Innovation Capital. His interests are in the area of Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Project Management.

  • Dimitar Georgiev - CEO at Paralax Life Sciences, Bulgarian Biotech Entrepreneur improving healthcare, implementing new technologies in life sciences, discovering new partnerships and business opportunities.

  • Shirin Amin - Experienced EU Projects Manager and NGO Officer with a track record of success in projects development and implementation, monitoring and event organization seasoned in projects targeting sports, youth, education and training.

We had two winners - Sofenhagen won the big award of 4K BGN and because we love giving awards, we felt like we could help SensaTo, so they have also won 1K BGN. Both prizes can be used for all services of Networking Premium 😉


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