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Pitch2Pitch Season 3 Finale: Pool&Pitch Party

We are very proud of Pitch2Pitch and couldn't dream of a better way to finish this season.

We are also highly thankful to all the people supporting this initiative.

Season's winning startups:

1. Axyles: presented by Alexandar Gyurov (Episode 10)

2. Think Ahead: founded by Mira Milusheva (Episode 9)

3. EcoWare: Presented by Deyan Mihaylov (Episode 8)

4. Enbank/Fynt: Nikolay Gospodinov and team (Episode 7)

5. Cyrcl: founded by Enriko Marinov (Episode 6)

6. Zoa App: Lead by Zoya Pamirova (Episode 6)

7. Sealio: Georgi Yovchev and team (Episode 5)

8. Tivoros and team (Episode 4)

9. VODORASLO: Lead by Denis Ivanov (Episode 3)

10. MultiArt: Lead by Yoanna Marinova (Episode 2)

11. Push Marketplace: Presented by Ilian Kodzhahristov (Episode 1).

The honorable judges:

1. Emil Shekerdzhiiski Founder at Networking Premium Coworking

4. Borislav Borislavov, Angel investor.

6. Victor Schiller, America for Bulgaria.

7. Ina Todorova, Cleantech Accelerator.

8. Martina Grigorova, Startup Funding: SIS Credit.

9. Angel Hadjiev, SeedBlink

12. Todor Jeliaskov, Angel Investor focused in Health-Tech.

13. Thomas Tsanev, Angel Investor and former vice president at Citi Bank.

And of course the supporters and sponsors:

3. Mila Petrova from Team up

4. Alexander Vladimirov from Formula Tech

5. Nadia Vasileva from Startup Europe Week

6. Radoslav Koichev and Emil Vasilev from Tech Lex

7. Cardinal bites and Jasmina Gevezieva-Berova.

8. Ana Zdravkova from Grantive

9. Kaloyan Kirilov and his publication Startup.BG

10. EtienYanev and his startup marketing book

11. Heiniken and Zagorka Group

12. Redbull

13. Ivaylo Vatovski and Beyond pre Accelerator

14. Giuseppe Di Benedetto and Open Sofia Foundation team

15. Janet Todorova, Ivaylo Ivanov and Danail Hadjiatanasov from Founder Institute

16. Ivaylo Nikolov an pitch2pitch alumni from healthinbox.

19. Elena Peneva, the hostess of pitch2pitch and founder of BrightMojo

20. Atanas Neychev, Host of pitch2pitch

and our host tonight: Kristina Eskenazi

The great winner of Season 3 of Pitch2Pitch is VODORASLO: Lead by Denis Ivanov who won a 10,000BGN check for media credit from Investor media group, a week trip to Israel from Networking Premium and a check and a trip to Italy from Cleantech accelerator.

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