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Pitch2Pitch Vol. 12 GRAND FINALE

On the 11th of September, we had the pleasure to host the finale of our elevator pitching event for some very promising Bulgarian startups.

The finale of the monthly series Pitch2Pitch, includes a 1-minute pitch about the startups' achievements followed by a Q&A in front of the judges: 1. Georgi Ivanov - serial entrepreneur, currently leading the startup Noble Hire 2. Victor Manev - Growth equity investor and Co-Founder at Impetus Capital 3. Angel Angelov - Managing partner at Innovation Capital 4. Dimitar Georgiev - Life science specialist, investor, and entrepreneur 5. Thomas Tsanev - Former vice president at Citibank finance, currently angel investor and entrepreneur 6. Ned Dervenkov - Co-Founder of BESCO 7. Georgi Pavlov - from AG Capital 8. Victor Schiller - chairman of America for Bulgaria 9. Emil Shekerdzhiiski (Founder of Networking Premium) 10. Trifon Mihaylov (partner at Networking Premium)

For the finale of the season, we gathered all winners from previous volumes to join us and compete for an investment of €50.000 by Innovation Capital.

The startups were:

1. Voccess - an interactive online program for career orientation that helps students aged 19-26 to build a career they love. Our educational system is based on proven teaching and coaching practices and is appealing – it is gamified and creates a culture people would love to be part of. 2. - First Chatbot Agency simplifies and speeds up the creation, implementation, and maintena

nce of AI chatbot by providing businesses with an affordable platform, MyBot, for chatbot content and functionality management. Umni works with government organizations, foreign and Bulgarian private businesses from various industries – finance, tourism and hospitality, services, medicine and beauty, trade, and more. 3. Travel by electric - an innovative idea for renting electric cars for tours. This is a new brand of the rent-a-car company “Best Cars” Ltd., which has ten years of experience in the market. Our mission is to evoke the usage of electric cars when leisure traveling, and not only in urban conditions. 4. Meteo.Rocks - a project building a dense network of meteorological stations, which are developed and manufactured by them. Their station is completely autonomous, powered by solar energy, and the collected data is transmitted in real-time via a mobile network. The goal is to use the data from their network of stations to develop their own meteorological model, which will offer better forecasts for the region of Bulgaria. 5. hype software - an innovative solution that automatically summarizes valuable data and analyzes the business, saving time. The software automatically reduces inventory at each sale, keeping track of the minimum quantities of products you set in advance. hype automatically prepares requests to suppliers based on sales. 6. iPORT - a solution in accordance with the dynamic everyday life of the modern consumer and the current legislation. With their digital insurance platform, you can take out insurance or get a personal consultation quickly, easily, and conveniently, without the need for an office visit. You sign the documents with a qualified electronic signature, issued completely free of charge especially for you. 7. Monety - a project for a mobile application that teaches children how to manage their money wisely. They are on the verge of launching their project and have made incredible progress during the last few months. 8. DiFOLD - Backed by the EIT Climate-KIC accelerator and founded by the business-tech duo — Radina Popova and arch. Petar Zaharinov, the start-up DiFOLD unveils its flagship product — the Origami Bottle. Featuring DiFOLD’s proprietary collapsible design technology, it is the first reusable bottle that folds flat, yet remains ultra-stable when unfolded. 9. Cargenta Brain - an innovative company, comprised of young and experienced professionals, dedicated to the design and development of smart vehicle electronics, groundbreaking software applications, and products that change people’s lives.

The winner of the season finale was Meteo.Rocks! They received the whooping amount of €50K from Innovation Capital.

We hope this helps with the progress of the project and expect great things from them in the future!


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