Pitch2Pitch Vol. 12 GRAND FINALE

On the 11th of September, we had the pleasure to host the finale of our elevator pitching event for some very promising Bulgarian startups.

The finale of the monthly series Pitch2Pitch, includes a 1-minute pitch about the startups' achievements followed by a Q&A in front of the judges: ​ 1. Georgi Ivanov - serial entrepreneur, currently leading the startup Noble Hire ​ 2. Victor Manev - Growth equity investor and Co-Founder at Impetus Capital ​ 3. Angel Angelov - Managing partner at Innovation Capital ​ 4. Dimitar Georgiev - Life science specialist, investor, and entrepreneur ​ 5. Thomas Tsanev - Former vice president at Citibank finance, currently angel investor and entrepreneur ​ 6. Ned Dervenkov - Co-Founder of BESCO 7. Georgi Pavlov - from AG Capital 8. Victor Schiller - chairman of America for Bulgaria ​ 9. Emil Shekerdzhiiski (Founder of Networking Premium) ​ 10. Trifon Mihaylov (partner at Networking Premium)

For the finale of the season, we gathered all winners from previous volumes to join us and compete for an investment of €50.000 by Innovation Capital.