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Startup Event Pitch2Pitch 2 vol. 12 | The Final

As you all know, from last year's finale, we gather all winners from each month and let them participate for s grander prize this time around.

The startups:

  • QuarkXR - QuarkXR is an ultra-fast, hardware-agnostic software solution for Cloud XR applications. Low-latency compression and wireless transmission enables Cloud/split-rendering solutions with 5G, while all heavy processing is offloaded on Edge Cloud GPUs.

  • Mindfit - MindFit is a next-generation social asset that gives employees access to a curated and independent network of psychologists and psychotherapists.

  • Unboxd - Unboxd is Bulgaria’s first C2C clothing resale service for eco conscious individuals who would like to buy and sell their own clothing on an easy-to-use digital marketplace.

  • - Find the right specialists in a few clicks, that override you in everyday business or homework. Choose by location, price and rating.

  • Stitchia - Stitchia are a decentralized crowdfunding web3 platform, an end-to-end transparent cash and documentation flow. Stitchia is a unique link between artists, collectors and entrepreneurs.

  • foodObox - Foodobox is a surprise box that contains high quality food at an affordable price for our customers. By saving food from going to waste, we are helping the planet while at the same time reducing the socio-economic damage of food waste.

  • Pleggi - Objective pre-selection of candidates whose profile fully matches with the requirements of each position.

  • Angry Building - Your building's management system: Quick and easy inquiries about the current income and expenses of the condominium; Automatic calculation software that eliminates errors, etc.

  • iDeal - iDEAL is an online payment method that enables consumers to pay online through their own bank.

  • - One of their main goals are to offer a selection of the best (verified) caravans for rent in the country and to facilitate the process of choosing, selecting and saving a caravan online.

  • Stray Sheep - Learn sign language with them. Easy and understandable.

  • rePose - rePose introduces its first sleep-related lifestyle dreamclip that will help you improve not only your sleep, but also has positive impact on the relationship with your partner.

With judges from everywhere:

  • Angel Hadjiev from SeedBlink

  • Yavor Gochev from Innovation Capital

  • Kristiyan Begazhev from Innovation Capital

  • Thomas Tsanev, an Angel Investor

  • Michael Goren, an Angel Investor

  • Stoyan Nedin from Vitosha Venture Partners

  • Aleksander Grozdanov from ABLE (Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs)

  • Emil Shekerdzhiiski, founder of Networking Premium Coworking Spaces

  • Victor Manev from Impetus Capital

Special thanks to Innovation Capital for supplying us with the big award, given to Pleggi.

Congratulations to all startups that participated! 🥳


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