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Startup Event Pitch2Pitch S.3 vol. 5

Another month, another #Pitch2Pitch!

This month we had five amazing startups pitch on our stage:

- BrainBuddy - a platform that connects college students with teachers and people with experience in their chosen field of work/study that will be able to help them for an assignment they have or to study for an upcoming exam.

- Raycloud - describing themselves as the "Spotify for games", you can already guess that Raycloud is a startup that is developing a platform that allows the users to access a variety of games on any internet enabled device

- SafeMails - is offering a service to help small and medium sized businesses to exchange safe emails by End-to-End encryption, guarding your device from viruses, with no need to install any new softwares

- Sealio is a startup focused on helping highly scaled and fast-growing companies to automate their API testing, saving them time and money in the process. The program analyses your software runtime and makes automation testing in a matter of seconds and just a few clicks

- IPfabrika - offers services both to startups and established companies in order to protect their brand and identity. They believe that coming up with an original concept and idea is a good start, and properly protecting it is the next step.

Our wonderful judges this month were:

- Viktor Manev - Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Impetus Capital

- Thomas Tsanev - Angel Investor and former vice president at City Bank

- Yavor Gochev - Sr. Investment Manager at Innovation Capital

- Stoyan Nedin - Venture Partner at Vitosha Venture Partners

- Angel Hadjiev - Managing Director at Seedblink

Special thanks to our partners and sponsors:

- OmaiTV for capturing and broadcasting during the event

- Ivaylo Ivanov and Janet Todorova from Founder Institute

- Mila Petrova from Teamup

- Anna Zdravkova from Grantive

- Alexander Vladimirov from Formula Tech Bulgaria

- Ivaylo Nikolov from HealthInBox

- Kaloyan Kirilov from

This month's winners were Raycloud and Sealio, that took the big award home!


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