Coworking spaces: 7 new spaces in Sofia

Translated from original article by goguite published on 13th of September 2019

Using coworking space does not mean being out of space at all. Shared office spaces continue to connect modern urban nomads. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or city nomad, take a look at the Go Guide topographic coworking map. Apartment with a pleasant aristocratic spirit, loft with an industrial design, or other interior Mecca - this is the moment to discover your new place

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The futuristic vertical world of Ballard's novel "Skyscraper" is not so futuristic… The shared workspaces are constantly expanding and now they change the world of entrepreneurs and freelancers. Coworking, coliving, coparty or a higher form of sharing work, everyday life and entertainment at the same time. Networking Premium is the first and so far the only chain in Bulgaria, offering a shared way of life in the true sense of the word. Here they believe that when a person is inspired, he should invest his time and energy only in his creation. That is why they provide us with a creative atmosphere, organizing various events for the development of a good business. We can choose between 4 locations for work in Bulgaria and one in Tel Aviv. Oh, and last but not least - the villa with pool and a huge outdoor screen just 20 minutes from Sofia…

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Networking Premium Botev 82 Hristo Botev Blvd. 0886 331 381 ​