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Translated from original article by goguite published on 15th of September 2020

Campus X 31 Alexander Malinov Blvd.

The best coworking in our country according to the Central European Startup Awards for

2019 (a

nd for 2020 the awards are forthcoming). Campus X is a complete ecosystem with everything you need for your success under your roof: shared, private offices and desks, meeting and relaxation rooms, an inspiring interior, a safe working space, and a community of professionals, talents, and investors with whom you can share coffee and experience. (Imagе by zh.k. Mladost 1, bl. 54A

Offices for rent in Sofia, where you can find organizational diversity - from mini startups to international companies. Cherryz.Work has 2 years of experience in the office desk market, the space offers silence, super internet, nearness to the subway, measures against Covid-19, competitive prices, flexible rental conditions and buy other extras. Imagе by

Korner 86 Knyaz Boris I Street

You can visit Korner co-working & event once or subscribe for it. The meeting room can be rented by the hour and is ideal for a meeting with colleagues, a drink with a client, or an interview. Services such as hot drinks, personal locker, and office supplies are included in the rent. The high ceilings and natural light make you feel at home, and the furniture and the top location - in after-work Mecca! Imagin by

Soho is the cozy coworking space that you've been dreaming of as you wonder how to combine your work tasks with your social life and cultural and entertainment enrichment. It is located in the heart of the capital and is an ideal place for digital

nomads from the creative sector and urban art researchers. It is based on professionalism, home comfort, and food for the soul, which encourage creativity and exchange among its inhabitants. Among the workplaces and event halls located in a three-story greenhouse with a beautiful garden, there is also an art gallery, a ballet school, themed bazaars, theatrical performances, support for socially significant causes, and masterfully good concerts. But the most interesting and valuable thing about Soho is the community of like-minded professionals. Wouldn't it be nice to be a part of them?

Networking Premium Sofia: G. S. Rakovski ”25 82 Hristo Botev Blvd. 63 Vitosha Blvd. Plovdiv: 19-21 Rayko Daskalov Str., 0886 331 381

The coworking chain lives in three central locations in Sofia and another in Plovdiv, but the more important fact is that it attracts a great community of professionals and offers truly luxurious conditions. In the office of "Rakovski", you can even work from a rooftop terrace with 360-degree views, and just outside Sofia, you will find a co-living / co-working villa with barbecue and pool

Working 32 Yanko Sakazov Blvd.

In the dynamics of the city, we need a place where business can feel at home. Instead of inviting our partners to a restaurant or a huge business building, we take them to Worky. The shared office combines the feeling of coziness and a full-fledged office with technical equipment.

Worky has a convenient location in the center, where we work effectively remotely while overcoming the isolation, creating new contacts and trust with customers.

Imagе by

A business idea is successful only when it is born of appropriate experience. Here's how Prodeskgets

to the Philosopher's Stone - that a person feels comfortable in the office, he is more productive and happy. And productive and happy employees contribute to the business. We place ours on ergonomic desks with height adjustment with a designer bamboo top.

Imagе by

Ambassadors of the philosophy of hedonism in the workplace, the creators of Prodesk turn the company into an alternative for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle for the benefit of their professions. The offer is not an obvious ratio between quality and price and the wide range of ergonomic products for individual consumers or business needs: from products that rise in comfort in culture, to complete office furniture with special attention to detail. With Prodesk it contributes to the improvement of working conditions in the country and to maintaining a sustainable business environment.


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