Private office for 40 people with 15 Seats. Possible?

Covid-19 forced us, companies, to reduce costs from wherever possible. One creative solution is a combination of home office and "regular office". Home office, will not become a standard and not recommended at least not entirely. ​ Updating, upgrading, scaling, growth - you name it. We are all biased by listening to the buzzwords of the new age. While the real voice of pragmatism somewhat stays dim. Optimizing, planning, efficient spending, usability, and work from everywhere is what embodies the flexibility of freedom. The clearer you see it, the better chance and the opportunity to extend your runway and thereby keep your team nonintact is.

Modern life is structured in a different way than it used to be five or ten years ago. Nine to five work is slowly but surely getting out of date, and so is the need for a private seat in an office all the time, at least to some extent. To be able to understand the real needs of your team and company is like finding your inhouse spending-getting-fit figured out. Working from an office on Monday, but then going to the mountain on Friday and work with views from the Rhodope mountain in front of you for instance. Or staying a few days more on the seaside, to work from shore. Of maybe just going to find a more quiet space, to set your mind right.