eCollect Welcoming Party

The new addition to the Networking Premium family at the newest location of Gurko.

On the 1st of October, we hosted the first party at our newest location on Gurko street. We celebrated the “eCollect” company's welcoming to our Networking family with delicious food, fancy drinks, and excellent music. Since its founding in 2019, the “eCollect” employees have been working only online, so people finally had the chance to meet face to face.

The room where we hosted the party is usually adopted for the co-working area. Removing the tables and chairs freed the space for a giant banner with a welcoming message, directed to the “eCollect” company, some tall tables filled with delicious food bites, and branded “eCollect” cookies. There were balloons all over the room, making the atmosphere more festive. After the tour of the co-working space, everybody enjoyed the welcoming speech of the Networking Premium founder and CEO Emil and the response of the “eCollect” representatives – CEO Marc Schillinger and CFO Panagiotis Dermitzian. One of the Bulgarians that is a part of the “eCollect” team brought a homemade traditional Bulgarian bread with honey for his international colleagues to try. Everyone had such a lovely time, meeting, chatting, and finally seeing each other in person, that they moved the party to a bar nearby. But what does the “eCollect” company do, and who is behind its founding? Marc Schillinger has more than 20 years of experience working in the financial services industry. When becoming part of “eCollect” as a CEO and Co-Founder, Marc wanted to challenge the industry by implementing receivables management processes in a modern and digital way to improve the customer journey and create more value. Whit this, he made the companies mission to help companies automate receivables as part of their business-client relationship management. The Swiss-based fast-growing European FinTech corporation uses an AI-based service to make it easier for enterprises to digitalize their financial sector. This includes areas such as payments, insurance, investment management, deposits and lending, capital raising, and market provisioning.